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    March 25th at 1PM

    Boston, Mass.


  • Leader Bank Pavilion '21



  • Dalton & the Sheriffs (the short version)

    If you’re here, you’ve probably got a lot of questions.


    First off, welcome. We’re Dalton & the Sheriffs.


    We’re a band from Boston, Massachusetts. The only place we fit neatly in the larger music industry is when we're on a stage in a room with our friends (and copious amounts of alcohol). If it sounds simple, that's because it is.


    We play gigs for the community that built us. Some days that means headlining the 5,000-capacity MGM Music Hall at Fenway Park and some days that means Bell in Hand sing-a-longs with a couple dozen of our friends. Both are crucial to our band’s success. And it’s cheaper than therapy for all involved.


    We’re industry outcasts. We do everything ass-backwards. We don’t fit neatly into any one genre. But we throw a hell of a party.


    Our music has taken us to major stages and festivals all across the United States, but we are equally proud of the wedding after-party gigs and mid-song marriage proposals from the folks who met at our shows.


    We’re making one last push to break this band in 2023. It's our last, best shot at making this band big enough to support the musicians and staff behind Dalton & the Sheriffs, Inc. in a meaningful way.


    To be clear, we're not sure if we'll make it.

    But we’re proud of what we’ve built with our friends. Trying to accomplish a dream requires -- by necessity -- the possibility of failure. Plus, it all feels very American to be willing to go for broke.


    So that’s that. We’re a weird-ass, country-rock party band from Boston that is equally comfortable on massive stages as we are around your backyard campfire. We play our songs for the people who were there when they happened and we play other folks' songs like we wrote 'em ourselves. You may see us in a dive bar, you might see us opening for your favorite artist in an amphitheater, you might see us headlining a venue we should have no business being able to headline (sometimes in the same week!).


    If you get it, welcome. Can't wait to introduce you around (Dalton folks are the best folks!). If you don’t, it's cool; we understand that if you think about it too much, it definitely doesn't seem like what we're doing should be possible.


    When this is over -- the whole trying-to-make-it-across-America thing, that is --

    you’ll find us right back where we started, on the edge of the same linoleum stages where it all began.


    Until then, we’ll keep on dreaming big until it's time to go home.

    And if you're still reading, we're glad to have you on board. Stick around and you'll probably end up in a song.


    - Scully, Kate, Jay, Dennis, Joey, Dan, Matt, Brendan, Bryce, Zach, and Tim



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