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Finally found some open road, outside of Allentown

Finally understood Nebraska

It turns out that those four tracks were meant for highway fields come tumbling down

And that’s exactly what I’m after

I long to be a writer, I long to wear that crown,

but most days I just pretend
Because if the words do come, it’s more an Irish rage come tumbling down

its not something I yet command

But I’m calling

Cause I just got off the phone with Rolling Stone,

Pushing 80 on the Pike outside of Charlton

And our song is

Playing on the radio

And I’m finally seeing highway signs for Boston

And I'll see you soon in Boston.

Tonight they put 14,000 watts behind

That song we wrote on the road to Lac-de-Loups

So let them judge if it was faith or imprudence that led us here

I’ll just keep my eyes on you, just like I always do.

But even if this ain’t, our ship that’s coming in

Know that every song I ever wrote was true

And as I’m counting down the miles, back to the ones who sing along

Know that all I’ve ever needed was you and Boston

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